Data Agency

NinaData is the industry’s most advanced contextual targeting technology, enabling you to find the perfect ad placements across any web or app content.

Instead of cookies, our technology relies on contextual data which means that you can avoid all the problems related to privacy regulations and the  collection of personal information.

Media Agency Services

We provide a full-service media agency that will help you reach your campaign goals, whatever they may be.

Our agency services include:

  • Programmatic Media Buying
  • Social Media Buying
  • Creative management and optimization
  • Conversion funnel optimization

Audience Marketplace

You can also run your campaigns programmatically through our SSP.

We have pre-built contextual audiences and integrations with universal ID providers such as Liveramp and Britepool.

Inventory can be bought in an open market or via deal IDs.

All traffic is scanned for fraudulent activity by Pixalate, 100% prebid and postbid.


Improve Reach and Relevance
Increase Engagement
Better Returns on Investment
Higher Customer Lifetime Value
More Transactions
Privacy Friendly
Brand Safe
Ahead of Competition