NinaData works with agencies and performance teams to deliver a product specific buying intent layer to your current programmatic advertising flow.

This allows 90%+ accuracy in targeting audiences already in the sales funnel considering a purchase, without the use of cookies
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Cookies are going... But what does this mean for your ad campaigns?

Google's extension of the demise of the cookie exposes the hard truth that the advertising industry is still too reliant on third party cookies and not yet ready to adopt alternative methods of tracking and targeting.

But the death of the cookie is imminent and advertisers must prepare sooner rather than later.

Contextual Targeting that goes far beyond keywords

Imagine being able to reach consumers at the exact moment they are making a buying decision

Our platform updates content from millions of websites almost in real time, which guarantees the accurate timing of your messages.

Make sure your ads are seen in the right places

NinaData's page analysis can recommend the optimal placements for your ads based on the content types found within the page structure.

Avoid negative content and ensure your brand safety

Our contextual semantics can analyze any type of content (text, images, video) and detect hazardous or negative content, customized for any particular industry.

Custom Categories

Design your own categories to target niche topics and build your own list of URLs and keywords that suit your specific needs.

Case Study - IMARAÏS

Imaraïs Beauty are a skin care provider located in the USA.

Imaraïs trialled the NinaData Buying Intent Platform to increase their sales. The outcome was:
> CTR increased by 200%
> CPC reduced by 30%
> ROAS increased by 40%