NinaData WordIntent™: exact-match keyword- targeted display performance

Intersecting with Search Engine Marketing models, NinaData is reshaping how to use GenAI to reach in-moment audiences with exact-match, keyword-targeted display advertising using any programmatic media-buying platform

What you get:

NinaData delivers results by matching highly-relevant content and display ad inventory at much lower effective CPCs. In effect, as a search engine marketer you can spend significantly less in display advertising than otherwise would in search engine marketing.

With NinaData you target high purchase-intent content with your most valuable keywords, and achieve outsized returns on the marketing spend

How it works:

NinaData WordIntent has been designed and integrated into its custom-built demand-side platform (DSP) with a number of features and a roadmap for continuous innovation:
  • Precise keyword-level page analysis: Continuous page-level analysis of URLs across the web, and in programmatic bid requests, that exhibit strongest purchase intent with specific keywords.
  • Real-time semantic targeting: Real-time semantic targeting that deconstructs web page "meaning" at the word-level to improve performance against display ad inventory based on meaning, sentiment, influence, authority, and emotional connection.
  • Exact-match keyword-targeting: Exact-match keyword-targeting, with the strongest semantic disambiguation where multiple meanings exist, on highly-relevant web pages.
  • Cost-effective and high-quality engagement:High-intent audiences for branding, clicks or conversions at a fraction of the cost of high-demand keywords in search engine bidding. 
NinaData’s delivers equivalent performance at significantly lower costs, providing better return-on-ad-spend (ROAS) for display advertisers and giving search engine marketers a cost-effective alternative to legacy search advertising. Further, as a search engine marketer you can escape the competition for positioning in search widgets and deliver existing search ad creative in more prominent display ad inventory.