Self-Serve Platform

NinaData provides you with a powerful Self-Serve tool to do your own contextual targeting.

We’ll show you how to create your programmatic campaign in these easy steps.

All you need to provide is either the landing page of your product, a description of the desired context, or a set of keywords. Our AI will take care of the rest.

The cornerstones of our analysis are:

Finding the right stage of customer journey to match your campaign type, be it awareness, reach, consideration or acquisition.
Recognizing precisely the correct contextual category (using IAB)
Detecting the sentiment of the page
Generating contextually optimal keywords

And here is how you can do it all yourself in these simple steps:

1. Type the URL of the landing page of your product.

2. Or insert keywords that you want to use:

3. Or enter a free-form textual description of the desired context.

4. Our AI will then match your needs against hundreds of millions of contextually analysed pages, and present you with only the highest relevant ones.

5. Now you can download the targeting data to your device.

6. Or upload the targeting data to your chosen DSP

That's it! You are ready to start your programmatic campaign.