Buying Intent Data Platform

The NinaData buying intent platform is a real-time contextual data platform for driving in-moment online results for brands.
Using purpose-built AI for semantic analysis of text, video and images, NinaData builds sustainable data value and insights for brands and content owners.

Our Core Technology

Our solution and methodology center around the shift in focus from audience targeting to contextual targeting. For this purpose we have focused on a semantic representation of context and the tools to operate on it. We are especially focusing on capturing the buying intent of the content consumer in a way that makes matching against the desired audience segment easy and precise.

Knowledge Graph

A knowledge graph encodes an ontology, i.e. a generalization of a taxonomy: it describes the relationships between entities or concepts within a chosen vertical. It can be thought of as a means for the AI to capture the way a human expert thinks of a particular domain, beyond and regardless of any particular language, and even beyond the specific words within any language used to describe a concept or a relationship. We build and deploy a set of these knowledge representations and their relationships, in order to capture precisely and language-agnostically the context of a particular text or query. Furthermore, we are media type agnostic, analysing through cross-compatible contextual semantics any type of content, be it text, image or video. Put together, this provides a 360 contextual semantic view across the entire content landscape.