Introducing NinaData WordIntent™ - A Breakthrough in Contextual Advertising with Generative AI

Intersecting with Search Engine Marketing models, NinaData is reshaping how to use contextual advertising technology to reach in-moment audiences with exact-match, keyword-targeted display advertising using any programmatic media-buying platform.

HELSINKI, FINLAND, February 28, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ -- NinaData, an innovator in contextual advertising solutions, today announced the release of its NinaData WordIntent™ platform, a proprietary Generative AI innovation that brings the precision of search engine marketing to programmatic display advertising on the open web. The new platform builds on NinaData's deep technology foundations in computational linguistics, natural language processing, and semantic analysis to help digital advertisers reach and target custom in-moment audiences with a hyper-precise understanding of purchase intent matched to keyword intelligence. With this release, the company extends its vision of strengthening open web advertising and infusing it with similar concepts that drive campaign performance for the closed search engine marketing ecosystem.

As strong global trends, including regulation, third-party cookie deprecation, and consumer choice, continue to cause headwinds for the advertising technology ecosystem, there is a widening gap in the market for solutions that work well without relying on third-party cookies. Capturing opportunity in these trends, NinaData has been developing "privacy first" AI tools to "read" articles on web pages, understand how articles reflect a reader's purchase intent, and best match ad campaigns to the most relevant pages. In doing so, NinaData is part of the next generation of Internet advertising solutions that allow marketers to run ad campaigns in relevant media through any programmatic platform without tracking users.

Valtteri Pukander, CEO of NinaData, stated, "Our contextual AI technology, branded WordIntent, uses AI to do some of what third-party cookies tried to do in the past but also bridges the gap with how keywords function for search engine marketers. Without following users' browsing around the Internet, WordIntent focuses on understanding the meaning of web pages and also determines the strength of purchase intent a page represents for particular keywords in the text of the page."

With its proprietary Generative AI approach and Large Language Model, NinaData not only helps programmatic display advertisers serve ads to the most relevant content but also gives search marketers an off-ramp from Google. Using WordIntent, NinaData's search marketing customers can use their same search ad creative, keyword lists, and valuable keyword intelligence to reach users with high purchase intent outside of the search ecosystem. NinaData leverages search ad creative in display ad inventory for greater visibility and matches ad creative, landing page, and web page for greater relevance and performance.

Markus Bäckström, Chief Operating Officer, clarifies, "We're not trying to recreate the specific intent of a search query tied to high cost-per-click (CPC) keywords, but to target highly-relevant content and display ad inventory at much lower effective CPCs. In effect, search engine marketers can spend significantly less in display advertising than they otherwise would in search engine marketing to target high purchase-intent content with their most valuable keywords and achieve outsized returns on their marketing spend."

NinaData WordIntent has been designed and integrated into its custom-built demand-side platform (DSP) with a number of features and a roadmap for continuous innovation:

- Precise keyword-level page analysis: Continuous page-level analysis of URLs across the web and in programmatic bid requests that exhibit the strongest purchase intent with specific keywords.

- Real-time semantic targeting: Real-time semantic targeting that deconstructs web page "meaning" at the word level to improve performance against display ad inventory based on meaning, sentiment, influence, authority, and emotional connection.

- Exact-match keyword-targeting: Exact-match keyword-targeting, with the strongest semantic disambiguation where multiple meanings exist, on highly relevant web pages.

- Cost-effective and high-quality engagement: High-intent audiences for branding, clicks or conversions at a fraction of the cost of high-demand keywords in search engine bidding.

All of the foregoing reinforces NinaData's ability to deliver equivalent performance at significantly lower costs, providing better return-on-ad-spend (RoaS) for display advertisers and giving search engine marketers a cost-effective alternative to legacy search advertising. Further, search engine marketers can escape the competition for positioning in search widgets and deliver their existing search ad creative in a more prominent display ad inventory. For many marketers that use display advertising and search marketing together, this simplifies the process, preserves the benefits of keyword intelligence, and maximizes efficiency by bridging an important gap of comparison between search and display ad marketing channels.

"We can't wait to show more agencies and brands the power of contextual advertising, powered by our proprietary Generative AI," said Kimmo Valtonen, General Manager and CTO. "Our innovation in contextual and semantic solutions, and strategic vision for the emerging Search-to-Display opportunity, aims to significantly advance Internet advertising."

Bäckström concluded, "NinaData's AI-based technology demonstrates market differentiation with a tech-driven moat. If you're looking to place keyword-targeted ad campaigns outside of legacy search yet preserve scale, quality engagement, and strong performance, NinaData's WordIntent can help you get there."


About NinaData

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