NinaData raises $2M to help brands reach consumers at the exact moment they are making a buying decision without the use of cookies or IDFA

NinaData platform is an industry-first solution for advertisers and programmatic advertising players that leverages purpose-built Knowledge Graphs and Deep Learning AI to solve the major issue of the removal of cookies and IDFA which have caused rocketing costs for advertisers.

Helsinki, Finland (November Xth, 2021) Finnish buying intent platform NinaData has raised $2M USD in funding to help brands connect with audiences in a meaningful privacy-first environment by leveraging its proprietary AI. The round was a hybrid of equity from previous investors, and public and private loans completing the round. The funding will be used to further accelerate the development and adoption of NinaData’s purpose-built AI for contextual buying intent.

NinaData helps brands to reach consumers at the exact moment they are making a purchase decision online. NinaData’s contextual data platform uses purpose-built AI for the semantic analysis of text, video and images to build sustainable data value and insights for brands and content owners, and drive in-moment online results for brands. By using proprietary algorithms, NinaData provides URL-level buying intent classification for individual campaigns and destinations. 

Third-party cookies, the staple tool for targeting ads at online users, are becoming obsolete. Google will stop supporting them by 2023. With Apple giving the users the choice to block the IDFA identifier on an app level, advertisers no longer have the option to monitor user behavior on non-browser apps. Users are more aware of how their data is utilized and concerned about privacy issues. Companies need to find solutions that transition towards responsible and sustainable advertising, and for non-intrusive personalization which prioritizes user experience and trust as the new normal.

“We have developed a unique contextual buying intent platform with the aim of providing effective and meaningful targeting options for advertisers in the cookieless world. We have worked with advertisers in the U.S. to deliver a significant uplift in ROAS using the NinaData contextual buying intent platform compared to using their “legacy” behavioral targeting data” says NinaData CEO Valtteri Pukander.

“Having followed and worked with the company for quite some time, we are extremely excited about the launch of NinaData, and I am convinced that the team has solved how brands can create value and grow their online operations without exploiting consumers’ information. I’m extremely happy and excited to help the founders build NinaData into a global growth company,” says Riku Asikainen, seasoned angel investor.

The NinaData technology team combines extensive industry experience with technical know-how and a long background in building a scalable high-value and high-performance architecture for AI analytics of media content. NinaData’s data scientists and management combine methodological skills with practical application experience. They have worked in the past as AI engineers, Machine Learning researchers, AI business managers, and co-founders of successful startups.


For additional information:

Media kit with pictures

Valtteri Pukander, CEO


+358 40 590 1889

Headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, NinaData is an industry-first solution for advertisers, programmatic advertising players to interact in a meaningful and privacy-safe manner. For more information, visit

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